How hair transplant surgery changed my life

Let me take a moment to share some of my story with you. At the time of this writing, I am 39 years old and live in Los Angeles. My hair loss started at the age of 22 and slowly progressed. All the younger guys reading this, believe me, I know how you feel and believe me when I tell you that there is hope for a good hair set for most of you. Anyway, I was always self-aware of my hair retreat line and in the early 90's I started interviewing doctors in the LA area. You name them, I can tell you that I interviewed them, I went to Bosley, Dr. Wolf, Dr. Wolf Meshkin, Dr. Rasman, the Medical Restoration Center and many others I do not remember. In hindsight, I was so lucky they didn't have surgery at the time, because if I had, I probably would have had doll hair plugs sticking out in my head.

So at the age of 35 I got married and settled with my beautiful wife. I started to really notice that I was losing my hair at the age of 36. This was pointed out to me by someone during my work, as he was my neighbor upstairs, who was looking at the area of ​​my crown.

I decided then and there to stop my hair loss and change my appearance forever, for the better. So, I started my research again for months. I read articles, visited websites and talked to patients. In my research, one name came up again and again, "Hasson and Wong," based in Vancouver Canada. , Almost every forum received positive feedback again and again from patients undergoing transplant procedures either by Dr. Wong or Dr. Wong Hasson. After 4 months of research, I decided that it was Hasson and Wong for me. Why did I decide to have surgeons outside the United States? Simply, they were some of the best, if not the best in the world, and hair transplantation is a life-changing operation. You can't hide a hair transplant once it's done, you're left with it for life. So, traveling 3.5 hours from where I lived to their office to do the best transplant was no consideration for me. I would travel to China if the best doctors were located there.

But which doctor, Dr. Wong or Dr. Wong Hasson? Everywhere I read, they both had equally good reviews, one failing the other in their skills or practices as a surgeon. One day I read a blog by Jatronics, who is a past patient of Dr. Wong and who also works for Hasson and Wong at the moment. On his site, he detailed his own experiences of hair loss and why he chose Dr. Wong and his entire transplant procedure with Dr. Wong Wong. After reading this post, I decided that Wong was the one for me. I made my first contact with Hasson and Wong via email, in fact my entire hair transplant consultation was done online. I sent some pictures of my current hair loss status and Dr. Wong made a educated guess about how much grafting I would need and how much the total cost of the surgery would be. I told him I wanted the maximum we agreed on to be about 3,800 grafts, the cost at that time was about $ 11,000. plane ticket and hotel where they are also included. Hasson and Wong pay for 2 full days room and plane ticket. We also got a great room at the great Granville Hotel on Granville Island in Vancouver. My wife and I decided to take a short break for ourselves.

When we arrived in Vancouver in mid-2004, we went directly to our hotel in Granville. We unpacked and had some brunch, and since I insisted on meeting Dr. Wong in person to consult face-to-face before the surgery, we then left for Hasson and Wong the day before the surgery. My wife and I met Joe Tillman and Dr. Wong that afternoon, which turned out to be more than I expected. We talked about how the operation would go, the donor scar, my donor density, etc. It was a great meeting that helped me prepare for the upcoming surgery the next day at 6:00 in the morning. My wife and I returned to our hotel and had a great dinner.

On the day of the surgery I was really nervous and the reality settled. Believe me, when I tell you right before I enter my donor area, I had a panic attack, my heart was beating and I said to myself, if this goes wrong, I will be scared for life. No one knew this was happening except my wife and she reassured me by telling me that there was absolutely no doubt that the procedure would be done properly. So I lay down on the chair and Dr. Wong came in, gave me some anesthesia, and started cutting my donor area out. Now let me tell everyone, I have low pain tolerance and honestly I can say that going to the dentist is more painful, I personally did not feel any pain when Wong cut my donor area. After the donor area was taken, I was dined and taken to another harvest room. They had about 6-8 nurses without Dr. Wong collecting the implants, which took 10-12 hours. We started at 6:30 in the morning and ended by 4:00 PM. I watched 2 DVDs of The Lord of the Rings, talked to Dr. Wong, talked to the nurses, my wife, and had sushi for lunch. I did all this while the implants were being harvested. There was absolutely no pain. After the surgery was over, they gave me some painkillers, gave me a hat, paid, thanked everyone for their precision and professionalism and returned to the hotel. The next morning we left for Los Angeles. The next day, my face was swollen due to anesthesia drugs that were put in my head to numb the transplant area.

This swelling continued for 1 day, after which the transplanted area was flushed for about 2-4 weeks. This redness of the transplanted area depends on the completion of human skin. If a person has white and pale skin like me, the redness lasts longer, if the person is tanned and dark-skinned, the redness may not even be noticed. All transplanted donor hairs disappeared within 10 days. The next phase, which lasts approximately 3-6 months, is the resting phase. I started seeing hairs emerge around the 4-5-month mark, which was amazing for a man who had previously grown bold every year. By 8-10 months, I noticed a brand new me with a whole new set of hair, absolutely amazing. For the first time in 10 years, I can use a brush rather than a comb to wash my hair. Visit my website for before and after photos.