Airplane crash in Jamaica

Airplane crash in Jamaica

The crash of American Airlines which overran runway in Jamaica caused forty passengers hurt on Tuesday night. The flight was scheduled for Jamaica. According to local authorities, the plane broke apart at Kingston’s international airport in the capital of the Caribbean nation of Jamaica.


According to variety of source of previous news, there were plenty of misunderstanding and doubtful information about the flight. Some said that the plane had been crashed. Others said that all the passengers were dead. However, all of such information was unofficial.


The Jamaica Observer newspaper quoted information from Daryl Vaz Jamaican Information Minister that 40 passengers had been injured and taken to the Kingston Public Hospital. He also added that there were unknown numbers of death. Tim Smith, American Airlines spokesman said that basing on the preliminary reports there were no seriously injured passengers.


There were 148 passengers and six crew members on American Airlines, fight 331. The Boeing 737 faced the same fate after landing at Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport in a very bad weather condition – heavy rain.
Milton Walker, the head of TV Jamaica told CNN that among 40 injured passengers only four suffered from serious injuries. According to a passenger, everything seemed good when the plane was landing but it was unlucky to come to stop with a loud bang. Passengers were caught attention by the deployment of oxygen masks and the structure of fuselage starting to fall to pieces. The overrunning of the plane along the runway in a heavy rain was considered as a chaotic scene. According to an interview with Abaurrea of Keene, New Hampshire via telephone, the plane was like recoil when it hit the ground.


Passengers scrambled to jump off when the emergency exits were opened. Abaurrea, 62 years old passenger suffered from a pain in her neck and back from the impact. Gary Wehrwein, Abaurrea’s husband was hit by falling luggage which hurt his shoulder. The whole flight seemed tumultuous. Before the plane landed, passengers had been warned of turbulence.



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