The First Time Airplane Buyer

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The First Time Airplane Buyer
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Tony Burlingham, owner of MJB Hotels, said they broke into Plantation Hotel, causing hundreds of thousands of pounds to damage.
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The property, on Earlham Road, is currently closed and is caught by the delay.

But Mr Burlingham said that a group of young people had access to the hotel on Monday.

“They completely destroyed it,” he said. “They already hit the doors and break all the bathrooms.

For most people buying their first airplane can be ranked in conjunction with buying your dream home, getting married or name any other significant event in your life. Buying your first airplane means the completion of a dream. One of the greatest highlights of my career is seeing a first time buyer act like a 6 year old on Christmas morning when I hand him or her keys to their new airplane.

The thought of purchasing an airplane can seem daunting. After all, only 1 in 100 people in the U.S. have a pilots license, much less own an airplane. For those looking for an adventure to a far off land, a 100 dollar hamburger or a business tool to be more productive, rest assured that purchasing an airplane isn’t rocket science, it’s “plane science” which is a whole lot easier so lets begin.

This article will present a step by step process to make your dream come true. Step number 1; make sure your spouse or significant other is on board. I firmly believe that this is the biggest dream killer. If you pass step one (lucky you), then step two is to take inventory of what you are looking to accomplish. What is your mission? Is it to take your wife and kids on a 100 mile trip to the coast on a sunny day or do you often find yourself needing to be in a business meeting three states away and the weather is usually marginal? Here is the key, purchase the airplane that meets your mission at least 80% of the time. Don’t by a six place airplane if 90% of the time it is just you and your wife flying. The extra gas, aircraft cost, insurance, and maintenance of purchasing the extra seats you won’t be using will more than pay for the rentals of the times when you do need the extra seat. The same can be said for buying an airplane to fly you from New York to Florida twice a year. If you are a low time or student pilot, call an aircraft insurance agent to help determine what airplanes you can safely fly. If you are just learning to fly, don’t expect to be flying a King Air any time soon.

Along with determining your mission, determine how much a year you are willing to set aside for an airplane. The purchase price is just one piece of the pie. You will have to do research and find out how much a hangar or tie-down costs at your local airport as well as fuel and shop rates for oil changes and annuals. If you plan on buying a used airplane, set aside money for unscheduled repair bills, and a pre-buy inspection. A good rule of thumb that I have heard from mechanics is budget the price of the annual to cover the unscheduled repair bills. Also, the monthly cost to keep all available subscriptions on a glass cockpit is often overlooked and can run over 100 dollars month. Don’t forget that if you keep your airplane for a long time, you will have to eventually pay for an engine overhaul.

Now that you have determined your mission and know how many premium Starbucks coffees you must forgo to afford your next love (I mean airplane), it is time to begin the search process. A great place to gather information is by attending large aircraft expos such as Oshkosh or Sun N Fun. It never hurts to ask around the local FBO or spend some quality time on the internet searching airplanes. Asking an aircraft broker or sales representative would result in several airplanes to meet your mission and price.
With several different airplanes in mind, the next step is to determine the most important features you want in an airplane? The honest truth is that there is no ideal airplane for everyone that has everything. Each airplane has its strengths and weakness. I recommend rank ordering what strengths you think your ideal airplane should have. A few ideas include: safety record, speed, avionics, payload, cabin comfort, visibility, range, efficiency, cost of maintenance, etc. I would like to expound on these a bit. First, safety record. Airplanes are safe, just some have a better safety record than others. The best way to research a specific airplane is to visit the NTSB website at http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/query.asp and do a search on the airplanes you are interested in. Comparing the avionics panel is like comparing a house with a pool to a house without one, it makes a big difference. Airplanes with glass panels are in demand and offer a higher resale value than non-glass equipped airplanes; they also command a higher price. Airplanes with a Garmin 430 or 530 GPS are more desirable than Loran equipped airplanes or no GPS at all. I hate to admit this but it is true, almost any GPS other than a 430 or 530 is almost undesirable in today’s market. If you are a recreational flyer going to the beach, a Garmin G1000 might be overkill, whereas flying with a Garmin G1000 cross county on an IFR plan might be quite useful. The cost of maintenance could be found by contacting a sales representative or asking another owner of the airplane that interests you. Speed, payload and range can be found on the manufacturers’ website or a write up in an aviation magazine. For cabin comfort and visibility, you will most likely have to wait until the demo flight.

By now, you should be down to just two or three models that fit your mission, piloting skill level, price, and features. Before you start dialing for demo flights, you may want to make sure your bank is OK with you buying an airplane. Companies such as Dorr Aviation, Airfleet Capital or AOPA can help you secure financing. Even during this economic downturn, there is plenty of money that banks are willing to lend to someone who qualifies. Plan on putting 15-20% down. Banks are usually willing to lend upwards of 20 years and aircraft financing rates are very favorable at the time of this writing. Once you are preapproved, you won’t have any more doubt and you will be in a much stronger position to make an offer on your next airplane. On a side note, if you don’t qualify for the airplane you are considering, getting into a partnership may be an alternative; (however, I will save partnerships for another topic on another day.)

One additional question that I often hear is should I buy new or pre-owned? Books can be written about new verses used so for the purpose of this article and as a general rule of thumb, if you can go new as a first time buyer, then do it. It will save you headaches when it comes to repairs and having an airplane warranty is nice to have. Buying new can also help with your taxes. The downside of buying new is being prepared to take a depreciation hit when it comes time to sell or trade in.

Finally, if you are looking for a new airplane, give your local sales representative a call and schedule a demo flight. If you go used, you may have to do some dialing and schedule several different visits to find your next Christmas present.

Ryan Ramos is the sales manager for Premier Aircraft Sales and represents Diamond Aircraft, Mooney Aircraft and the Aviat Husky in the Southeast. Based in Charlotte, NC, Ryan is a FAAST speaker and has been featured in several aviation magazines. You can also find Ryan at most aviation trade shows. To learn more,

After planning a vacation, holiday or trip, book a flight, and then look forward to the date of travel. If you are a wise traveler,

you really want to save money while traveling, but still enjoy the best possible service. flight comfort is very important and
You really want to look at the quality you can get from the airlines that fly. Fortunately, there are many ways to book good

Flights and still save money, and some of the best advice for all those who are highlighted below.

Plan your trip off season – it can be a very convenient way to save money, if you kind of rest has no direct effect

throughout the season. When you go to the crowds are sure to enjoy cheaper airfare and ends up reaching a destination cheaper.

Understand your goal and know when to peak and off-season they are and plan your trip to save some money with him.

Consider using smaller carriers – the main lines are very popular, and even airline tickets remains high customer acquisition all the time.
official continental airlines

airlines, which are still trying to develop the tourism industry typically offer cheaper flights, you can consider some

with them to get to your destination without spending too much on it. New airlines offer discounted flights and you can use it

Offer to save money as you travel to your preferred destination.

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Vacation is one of the most exciting events people can organize for your loved ones. During the holidays you can spend more time with

beloved. It can also help people to escape from stress at work. And it can provide the joy and excitement for all members of the

family. In order to make a more relaxing holiday, it is best to stay in hotels.

Staying in a hotel is more expensive than opting for apartments. However, hotels can provide better benefits. On the one hand, you have

access to all

Equipment needed. Then people also have free access to the hotel’s facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers and

Some hotels also offer deals and discounts that can help people reduce their costs, which is good for

Those who bring their loved ones. It is even better if the hotel also provides hotels events. Below is a list of popular hotel

Events can enjoy.

musical performances

One of the most common events hotel you and your family to enjoy musical performances. At the moment, there are several hotels that employ

professional musicians during special occasions or on certain days of the week. The musicians are among the bands, soloists, and even

orchestra. In this connection, you can watch concerts at the hotel. In addition to concerts, the device can also watch theater and

musical dramas. These plays are perfect for everyone.

Currently advantage of the Internet has become radical. Numerous activities and transactions can be done online, and
travelers are one of the lucky ones. By online they can make their reservations much easier than before, and it becomes easier

ensure the possibility of flight connections. There are only a few important details that you should consider when looking for cheap

flights. kayak flight


If you are a frequent traveler who needs to use cheap airline tickets to save money, as well as back in their towns, the

Reservations may be a way to relieve stress than traditional books.

spirit air
To help you experience a more convenient and fast online booking here

There are secrets to give tips:

Leads in the morning – During the night, several airlines on the number of seats available in limited quantities at reduced rates.

Therefore, it is

practical way to book a place early in the morning. If you see available seat check the website, download and

Book immediately.
allegiant air airlines flights

Buying two tickets (there and back) in the different airlines – it can not be offered by all the time, but in some cases to buy

Reimbursement of airline tickets on one airline is more expensive. For example, the purchase of a ticket on one airline and then purchase

another ticket to fly home from another airline. In this way you can save a few dollars without stressing conducted in one


World Travel a lot has changed in the past few years. It has become easy to find cheap airline tickets. You have to do a little

Research to get economical fares.

Ways to buy cheap airline tickets

united continental flights

One of the most important aspects that should be important to keep in mind when buying cheap is to check the arrival and

date of departure, because the feet can sometimes go down.

The cost of tickets depending on the day, month and year when you’re on the go. You can also get flight Airport

The nearest metropolis.

Get an offer discounts on auction

You can also check fares on auction sites.
porter airlines
Remember that the cost of the ticket can be reduced, because the traveler can have some other

plans. You have to take time from your busy schedule to get a discount on the contract price of airline tickets.

airline tickets search
It has now become very easy to buy cheap airline tickets. You can easily get an offer discounted tickets on the Internet. Keep all these


tips in mind to buy cheap airline tickets.

Happy traveling!

For difficult times, when traveling around the world seems to be an expensive dream budget lines can be b amazing at any time.

At first glance, many people have created their image of low cost airlines. Some people can not look beyond the cheaper fare, while

others can not get over the services provided by the airlines schools.

Of course, low tariffs makes it the obvious choice for travelers. If you book early falls even better for travelers. It is

The great advantage for cost-conscious flyers which end with the end in order to fulfill your desire to travel the world.

As a low budget costs have stiff competition, introduce promotions from time to time by travelers. However, because they are

It will be available only for a limited period, travelers must remain vigilant if you do not want to miss.
united flight status

After saving these lines, you can spend more money on a real road. This means that you probably might know more

or shop if you want.

With all these benefits, there are several compromises that travelers will have to take when you opt for these low-cost airlines. Here are


of them.

Experienced travelers understand that a good vacation planning involves many things, such as a match or compare the packages available on

the Internet

When planning a trip in the off-season. Yes, we can share with you some of the lesser known ways to slash the best travel packages that
hotels trivago
You will save even more on your vacation. So, check out these ideas for the best deal on your next trip adventure.

Tips for booking a very cheap package holidays

To save more on their vacation, use these tips to guide you through the booking process.

Click or last minute
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To find the best holiday deal, try to book them in advance or you can also book last-minute trips. It is best to schedule more than three

a month earlier, or less than two weeks. Similarly, the last minute can also help unlock some great deals.

Book group

all inclusive vacation packages with airfare
vacation packages are priced per person for two people. If you are traveling on your own, you are likely to see a surcharge. Furthermore,


Packages charge less when there are more people involved in the package reservation time (usually three or four) and sharing one


Be flexible with destiny
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If you are totally open to every place, you will get the cheapest vacation package easily. It is always good first select

desired activity or any general-purpose, that you are looking for, then look for vacation packages to meet this more general criteria.

Also, they are more flexible in this place, you can increase your chances of getting a better offer for each wonderful place.

Getting a good deal on a hotel room can be a difficult task, there often seems to be the magic formula for determining the rate. His

a bit like when flying in the air plane and discover the guy in the seat next to you paid half of what you’ve done for the ticket. hotels


how often you will find that the guy in the next room paid for much less space than it has been done. This

mysterious pricing makes the comparison to the price of the hotel hard to do, and it makes it hard to know if they are getting a good deal.

There are

However, some proven ways to get the cheapest price of a hotel room.

1) Last Minute

One of the ways that you can save on hotel looking for last minute deals. The hotel room is a perishable item, it can not be saved

and sold again later. If the room is not used for a night you will never compensate for this loss. This is obviously bad for hotels, so they


Typically, they offer very good deals, in order to prevent the room remained empty. This is great news for travelers, because it means that

Usually they offer much below market prices. The best way to find these deals is to search on the internet, there are many websites

which will allow you to compare prices at hotels. During the season, most hotels will have empty rooms, so there is a fair bit of


to fill them. The disadvantage of this approach is that often they are not available in a hard season, a minute is a technique

This works best season.

2) The book hotels well in advance
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Another way to get a good hotel deal is to have a contrary approach, and book well in advance. As previously mentioned hotels

he wanted to make sure that the rooms are full, because you can not save room and resell it at a later date. They want to get rooms

booked as early as possible, not only contributes to peace acclimated also helps them in planning. To be able to do

Hotels often offer lower rates for those who book well in advance. Again way to do this is to go online and take a picture of prices

Comparison and make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

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3) Use tools Book

A surefire way to find the best hotel deal using price comparison services. These places draw directly with multiple prices

reservation websites. Saving time and money are often significant, especially when driving conditions are fixed and can not be used

Two other methods described above.

Steel Airplane Hangars

Steel Airplane Hangars
Technological development has always urged experts to create new things, not only in the past decades, however in the past few thousand years. Have you ever wondered that a simple invention such as wheel has boosted the invention of a whole lot of new creations, e.g. bikes, cars or airplanes?

By the way airplaneshuman mankind was always so obsessed with winging the air. The history of aviation dates back to Icarus, the hero of a Greek mythology, but indeed, human flight only became a reality in 1903, thanks to the famous Wright Brothers. Ever since then flying gradually became more and more popular in the 20th century, and by the beginning of the 21st century, this luxury fun is affordable for everyone!

A possible distinction can be made among civil, general and military aviation, but whether we talk about private, business or commercial, scheduled or non-scheduled flights, there is no doubt that thousands of planes are crossing the skyline each day, carrying millions of passengers. The art of flying became a separate industry, including the construction of airplane hangars.

The price of any kind of airplane is definitely not budget-friendly, let alone its future maintenance. Whether you have a whole fleet or just a hobby airplane, you probably already have spent a great fortune and you definitely want to store them in their original state. Steel airplane hangars will provide the best extra care for these precious vehicles and have numerous advantages.

As the desired size can dramatically be different, steel airplane hangars are easy to adjust to your needs including the layout and design. Should you possess a whole fleet of hobby planes, an airship or just a helicopter; metal airplane hangars offer you the best space to store your invaluable movables with no inner columns.

Also, steel airplane hangars are easy to modify or enlarge if later you need a larger space. One of the major advantages lies in its safety. Steel hangars are absolutely fireproof and this positive feature tends to be reflected also in insurance prices. As airplane fuel tanks may cause a real disaster, it is considered to do the most you can to provide the safest conditions.

Therefore, steel airplane hangar is a good investment, as you can enjoy your airplanes for a longer period. Storing planes in steel hangars will help to protect their original conditions, while keeping away termites, ants, molds and fungus.

In brief, steel aircraft hangars are environment friendly guaranteeing a durable solution to make the most of your precious planes. And maybe the best of all is that these metal buildings are so unbelievably easy and fast to erect!

Offers a wide selection of metal buildings and pre-fabricated buildings such as steel garages, agricultural buildings, airplane hangars, and more.

Pc Airplane Games

Pc Airplane Games
PC Airplane Games

Airplane games have grown hugely in the last decade as the software has become better and better and gets more realistic all the time. Many people now want to get a first hand feeling of exactly what it takes to fly a plane. Aircraft combat games have also risen hugely in popularity in the last five years, presumably as the real thing is on our televisions every night.n and graphic design companies can now supply hugely improved software giving the user the exact Graphical Interface just as it is in aircraft. The upgrading of hardware and the introduction of, sound drivers, graphic cards and a whole lot of gaming equipment has further resulted in an increase in the demand for airplane games.
Games such as Sky Odyssey, Pilot Wings and Ace Combat are amongst the most popular airplane games played today and Ace Combat in particular is a case in point in popularity because it offers the user/users the ability to engage within two fighter planes where they have the ability to seek each other out, dog fight and destroy each other just as it would happen in real war zones.
These days virtual flight schools are the games most played, probably because as the flight simulation games have evolved and become much more realistic in their graphics, people are actually want to learn to fly now can get the basics and more from playing flight simulation games. Airplane games on the internet today enable you to launch your own services, create aircraft carriers and fly a variety of planes ranging from the 1907 Wright Brothers plane, cargo planes through to 747 Boeings and fighter jets. Airplane games and software are still growing at a rapid rate that can only mean exciting games for us to play now and in the future.

Visit onlineflightsimulations

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Airplane crash in Jamaica

Airplane crash in Jamaica

The crash of American Airlines which overran runway in Jamaica caused forty passengers hurt on Tuesday night. The flight was scheduled for Jamaica. According to local authorities, the plane broke apart at Kingston’s international airport in the capital of the Caribbean nation of Jamaica.


According to variety of source of previous news, there were plenty of misunderstanding and doubtful information about the flight. Some said that the plane had been crashed. Others said that all the passengers were dead. However, all of such information was unofficial.


The Jamaica Observer newspaper quoted information from Daryl Vaz Jamaican Information Minister that 40 passengers had been injured and taken to the Kingston Public Hospital. He also added that there were unknown numbers of death. Tim Smith, American Airlines spokesman said that basing on the preliminary reports there were no seriously injured passengers.


There were 148 passengers and six crew members on American Airlines, fight 331. The Boeing 737 faced the same fate after landing at Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport in a very bad weather condition – heavy rain.
Milton Walker, the head of TV Jamaica told CNN that among 40 injured passengers only four suffered from serious injuries. According to a passenger, everything seemed good when the plane was landing but it was unlucky to come to stop with a loud bang. Passengers were caught attention by the deployment of oxygen masks and the structure of fuselage starting to fall to pieces. The overrunning of the plane along the runway in a heavy rain was considered as a chaotic scene. According to an interview with Abaurrea of Keene, New Hampshire via telephone, the plane was like recoil when it hit the ground.


Passengers scrambled to jump off when the emergency exits were opened. Abaurrea, 62 years old passenger suffered from a pain in her neck and back from the impact. Gary Wehrwein, Abaurrea’s husband was hit by falling luggage which hurt his shoulder. The whole flight seemed tumultuous. Before the plane landed, passengers had been warned of turbulence.



My hobby is collecting information and writing articles.

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Grand Canyon Airplane

Grand Canyon Airplane


The Grand Canyon is a massive geological masterpiece that is more than a mile deep and 277 miles long. Most visitors see only a fraction of the “crack” when the tour the South Rim. If you want to see it all, book a flight on an airplane tour.

Flights depart daily from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, which is on the outskirts of Tusayan, the small town just outside the Park’s main gate. The airport is a flurry of activity (including helicopter) and functions as the main base for incoming and outgoing South Rim air traffic.

Two of the most popular operators of air tours are Grand Canyon Airlines and Scenic Airlines. These companies and others use an aircraft called the Vistaliner. This aircraft seats 19 people and was designed specifically for sightseeing and features large viewing windows. Further, each aircraft comes with pre-recorded trip narration that shares insights and facts about the canyon as you soar above it.

Standard air tours leave the airport and head due east along the South Rim. During this stage of the tour, you’ll see such wondrous sights like Zuni Point and the Zuni Corridor, the Painted Desert, the Desert Watchtower, the expansive and solitary Navajo Indian Reservation, and the upper Colorado River.

The aircraft will bank at this point, crossing majestic Temple Butte, before flying to the North Rim (the distance between South and North Rim is 10 miles), where you will be treated to fantastic views of the Kaibab Plateau and Kaibab National Forest. Imperial Point, the highest point in the Canyon, will come into view as the tour wends its way westward then south over Dragon Corridor, the widest and most open part of the Canyon, before you prepare for an exhilarating landing.

Total tour time averages about 50 minutes. It’s recommended that you pick a seat on the right side of the plane, as it will offer you the most fulfilling views and photo opportunities. Tickets cost about $ 125 for adults and $ 90 for kids. You can get better rates if you book on the Internet.

If you are based in Las Vegas, there are several operators who offer a plane ride to the South Rim. This trip comes with a guided bus tour to the South Rim. The bus-tour segment is three hours with key stops at select Grand Canyon lookout points such as Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Center, and Hermit’s Rest. Flight time to the South Rim is around one hour and ten minutes.

Grand Canyon airplane tours are the #1 way to see the National Park in all its glory. You’ll see more in an hour than most will in days on the ground. Flights leave from Grand Canyon Airport, which is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the rim. From a cost perspective, these trips are under-priced. To get the absolute best deal, shop the Internet. There are deals out there that take up to 35 % off the retail price. That is guaranteed to change as more travelers discover these air tours. For now, the sky’s the limit!


Travel writer Keith Kravitz reviews Grand Canyon tours. Use this link to see his Top 3 Grand Canyon Airplane tours.

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RC Airplane Radio

RC Airplane Radio

Have you ever seen someone playing with an RC airplane radio? Or perhaps you have seen someone play with a similar radio controlled toys, such as cars, fantasy vehicles, helicopters, sailboats, submarines, animals, trucks, blimps, motor boats, and robots? Are you the type of person who is always curious about how various technologies and items work?


Although the mechanics of how an airplane radio operates is a bit different in comparison to some of the other radio controlled toys, all rely on the same basic principle. In addition, all radio controlled toys have the same four parts, known as the transmitter, receiver, motor(s), and power source.


The transmitter is held in your hands to control the toy and sends radio waves to the receiver. The power source in the transmitter is usually a 9 volt battery that provides power for both the controls and signal transmission. However, do not confuse radio controlled toys with remote controlled toys, because radio controlled toys are always wireless. Whereas, remote controlled toys have a wire connecting the controller and toy.


As for frequency level, most radio controlled toys function at 27 MHz or 49 MHz. Transmitters can also come in single function or full function. A single function controller usually has one trigger that moves the toy forward when pressed and backwards when released. A full function controller allows you to move the toy forward, backward, forward and left, forward and right, backward and left, and backward and right.


In an RC Airplane radio system the transmitter translates the motions into a radio signal. This process is known as modulation. In turn, the transmitter broadcasts the signal.


The receiver is an antenna and circuit board inside the toy that activates the motors within when it receives the radio waves from the transmitter. In an RC airplane radio system, the receiver picks up the data from the radio waves and sends it to each servo. A servo has a horn that is attached to its shaft and a control surface, also known as an engine throttle. As the servo rotates, the horn converts it into a linear movement. Because the motion of the servo is directly proportional to the movement of the control sticks on the transmitter, the control surfaces on the airplane move the way the stick on the transmitter is moved.


The motors are responsible for turning the wheels, steering the vehicle, operating the propellers, etc. The power source can be either a rechargeable battery pack or normal batteries. Usually radio controlled toys are powered by a rechargeable battery pack.


Most radio controlled toys, such as the rc airplane radio, uses the motor to guide a particular part, while another source of power provides locomotion. In the model airplane, a small gas-powered engine turns the propeller, while the RC motor controls the flaps.


Understanding how an RC airplane radio operates is just as simple as playing with it. The four parts making up this system are the transmitter, receiver, motor(s), and power source.


RC Airplane Bonanza.com offers high quality, affordable rc airplane radio and Accessories that are perfect for the whole family!